Sticker Printing Jobs For Your Small Business Success

Most often it is essentially said that word of mouth is the fastest way of making your business known. But how sure are you that the people you informed and told about will remember what you told them. Mostly only 25% of the people you informed will mostly remember you.

Now speed up and create something unique and worth remembering. Make use of sticker printing materials that will totally stick up for you. Stickers are effective material that you can use because they stick and keep your clients aware of what goods your business can provide.

Utilizing sticker printing jobs for your small business will effectively work for your business success. With the stickers you are able to inform and persuade your target prospects.

Inform – perceptibly because you tell your clients about what services your company provides, what are the benefits they can get from you, and how they can easily reach out for you. With this simple concept about your sticker printing jobs information dissemination is inevitable.

Persuade – primarily this is the driving force that will likely run over customers to get what you had advertised. Actually it is not the advertising strategy that made your clients decide to hit the purchase button rather it is because you were able to persuade them. So in order to be successful in selling your business products and services you have to hit the soft spot of your clients in order for you to yield positive sales.

To successfully achieve the desired need for the sticker printing jobs for your business success your cards must possess efficient factors such as:

1.Designs – stickers need to attract your prospect. It needs to have a perceived value that will keep them out of trash and increase the possibility of being applied and used. Good stickers are most likely seen attached on visible locations like cars, notebooks, helmets, windows and a lot more.

2.Durable paper stock – sticker stock are intended to be printed only on one side. The reverse side is sticky and is covered by a peel away paper. This stock can be coated and uncoated. The stock possesses a durable quality that will make it stand against rain or shine.

3.Versatile size and eye-catching shape – this adds to the appeal of the cards. It increases the percentage of stickers to be applied in visible locations which will then turn great impression for your company.

Generally once you were able to craft strong, simple and attractive stickers you are about to make a positive move towards your business success. With the compelling quality stickers produced you can effectively consider sticker printing jobs as a medium that can give in additional information towards your prospects and customers.

By: Carla SanGaspar

Small Business Seo: The Six-pack

SEO has proven to be the most cost effective way to increase traffic to a site, which was illustrated by a 2009 Marketing Sherpa study that showed an ROI of nearly 70 percent. Until recently, small businesses struggled with finding effective ways to increase site traffic due to a lack of resources. The investment of SEO consultants or enterprise software could not be justified with these high expenses.

Today, small businesses can generate successful returns on investment with a more cost effective solution. DIYSEO was developed as an affordable, web-based SEO service for small businesses. This Do-It-Yourself application was based on a 6-step list of best practices, which we call the Small Business SEO Six-Pack. These 6 basic steps fall into three categories: plan, act and measure. Small businesses that tackle the Six-Pack will find more results with a small amount of effort. Let’s get started!

1. Define Keyword Targets
Take your time here! To start choosing keywords, focus on your business’s core product or services. Consider how your target audience would search for them. Next, brainstorm several terms and review the competition in your target market. Ideal keywords should have high search volume and low competition, but this description is rarely found.

Instead, identify keywords with lower competition levels and pick phrases that are realistic targets but still yield enough search volume to pay dividends. Optimization for highly targeted keywords not only helps small businesses seek SEO success, but it ensures site visitors will more likely convert to paid customers.

2. Optimize Website Content for Target Keywords
After choosing your keywords, small businesses can begin to implement their SEO and consider the four principles of small business SEO: on-site optimization, link building, social media and local search.

Make sure you have control of your site’s content if you can. Updating site content with your chosen keywords will improve organic search results for your site. Primary and secondary keywords should be featured prominently on the homepage and specifically in the title tag of the home page.

3. Build Credibility with Inbound Links
Building high quality links and great content is an important tactic for SEO; it builds authority on search engines and helps with organic search rankings. Whether earning inbound links or creating unique content, small businesses should ask other trusted websites to link to their site. Tip: Very few (if any) shortcuts to link building exist; so if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

An effective tip to earn inbound links is create unique and useful site copy. Becoming an authority on a topic your small business deals with is essential for long-term link building. For example, a plumber starts a blog that features plumbing tips. The more high quality content you post to help visitors, the better chance another site owner will stumble upon it and link back to your site.

Listings in directories, both paid and un-paid, is another way to generate inbound links. High-quality directories that offer links to small businesses, such as Yahoo! Directory, require payment but also improve search ranking. Look for directories specifically related to your specialty. Find opportunities to gain free listings, such as current vendors or partners.

Another component of link building is anchor text, which is the clickable text displayed within a hyperlink. Directory sites feature the business name in anchor text and link to the site. Anchor text should include any of your keywords because engines crawl your page links.

4. Get Found Locally
Local customers often make or break small businesses. Several prominent websites list small businesses for free, and businesses should take advantage of this opportunity. The best local resources include Google Local Business Center, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local. Search engines show maps with local search results; we recommend claiming these free listings to increase the likelihood of inclusion in the map.

Small businesses can consider local indexed directories or review sites, such as Yelp and, which give small businesses the opportunity to piggyback on the success of others. You can also optimize site content to be found in local search results, such as adding a map, phone number, or business address.

5. Tap the Simplicity and Power of Social Media
As a rule of thumb, small businesses should create and leverage a presence on leading social networks to own the conversation around the business name or brand and engage with customers more directly.

Search engine results pages typically display 10 listings, and a small business site occupies only 1 of those results. Consider involvement on social media sites to “own” more real estate and links will eventually follow. By maintaining a branded presence on leading social media resources, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, you can collect and control other authoritative online resources. This participation increases a brand’s overall SEO success.

6. Measure Results and Adjust
Search engines take time to identify and index content from your SEO tactics. After applying SEO improvements, it takes about 2-3 months to find positive ranking momentum and a lift in traffic. Still, if you spend only 2 hours a month on SEO efforts, results will begin to appear.

Along the way, small businesses can track progress and adjust strategies, which will boost their SEO results and ensure efforts are on target. SEO is an ongoing process, and the most effective optimization efforts will gauge success on an ongoing basis. To track success, DIYSEO is a great resource for monitoring keyword rankings, competitors and inbound links.

For more information or to get a 7-day free trial, visit DIYSEO or send an email to

By: Dan Olson

The Benefits Of Voip For Your Business

As advancements in technology have abounded for the past decade and the usage and speed of the internet increased, VoIP technology has too, bringing with it an increased number of followers, especially among small to medium sized businesses.


The major reason for switching your current telephony system for many is cost. With businesses often having to make numerous and often lengthy calls nationally, internationally and to mobile service providers, monthly telephone usage puts a huge dent in the companies figures. The reason behind this is you’re probably using good old PSTN lines (normal copper based circuit switched landline phones have been around for a long time) carrying an analogue signal for your call. Telephone companies charge a huge amount in both line rental packages and call costs. Every minute used costs you money, and the maintenance and upkeep of the systems’ underground network is passed onto you the user from the telephone provider.

With VoIP, the only charge you will be faced with is your usual monthly internet package price and possibly a small charge for a VoIP service package depending on your office needs, plus your call charges but on a much more palatable tariff. Of course, as it would be a digital data call, a lot of bandwidth with a better than average connection speed is required, but most services today offer 24/7 ADSL connection or fibre optic with rip roaring speeds at a fairly low fixed monthly rate. Good for business when you can call whoever, whenever you need to. Indeed, studies have shown that making the switch could save over 40% on local calls and over 90% on international calls.


Another great benefit of using VoIP is the abilty to use the phone without being chained to the desk. Since VoIP needs only internet connection for communication, and possibly a headset if call quality is paramount, there is nothing physically tying you down when needing to make a call, no need to wait until you’re back in the office to hold that important meeting via phone. This offers a great benefit to small business in particular who, with a smaller workforce and sometimes often need to be out-and-about doing and generating business, vital calls can be made from anywhere with an internet connection. This reduces the need for company mobiles and further ongoing costs. If work mobiles are a necessity, VoIP calls can be made from anywhere using 3G or 4G or WiFi without the need for any computer or hardware (depending on your mobile provider and handset capabilities). Moreover, costly calls back to base or to clients while overseas will soon be a thing of the past using VoIP as all you need is your VoIP login details and an internet access point which are usually readily available locally.


As business demands often change, at times a change of location may be in order. In the past, it was a costly situation when you needed to keep you phone number and move it elsewhere as your office moved. However, with a VoIP system in place your number goes wherever you are, so the only thing that needs to move is your internet connection.


As your business grows so does the demand on your telephone system. Installing new lines is both costly and time consuming. Coupled with the increased number of office phone users, bills are only set to rise further. By using VoIP for your business, the only thing increasing will be the number of users logged into the network. No additional expensive hardware needs to be purchased to keep staff in communication, as headsets can be low-cost if even required since your laptop usually comes equipped with speakers and a microphone (albeit not so common on desktops). There’s no need to worry about tying up the bandwidth either, as VoIP technology makes efficient use of bandwidth, meaning than for the moments of “silence” when you’re not the one doing the talking in any given conversation, you are not using any bandwidth, and it is used elsewhere on the network keeping speeds high for all.

If your business ventures overseas, you can be sure than your communications network will still remained streamlined as clients and customers will be calling the same numbers at the usual call rates, and your call costs will remain the same as no landline on foreign soil will be necessary – which often involve hefty setup costs and long contracts before the cost of making a call come into play. No additional charges or international rates packages need to be added to your office VoIP system.


Other than the ones mentioned above, VoIP offers a vast array of features compared to standard PTSN lines. With call waiting/blocking, enhanced voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID blocking, call transfer, online account management, call recording, voicemail to email notifications, auto attendants, multiple extensions; it truly is a feature rich technology.

All things taken into account, it’s clear that serious thought needs to be given the next time VoIP comes up at a meeting. With not only huge savings to be had, but increased work/time efficiency, your business seeks to benefit in more ways than one. Installing a VoIP system into your business operations will surely go a long way to aiding sustainable business growth.

By: Miragetek

Quality Health Plans From Kaiser Permanente Of California

Kaiser Permanente of California, with more than eight million members, is arguably largest and for the most part reputed Health Management Organization (HMO) in the entire USA. It is therefore not surprising that Kaiser of California is able to present its member such well-conceived heath care plans at reasonable prices. Whether you want a low-hassle co-payment or an affordable deductible plan, Kaiser is sure that you will not be disappointed and there will be a plan suited to your specific requirements.

Kaiser’s Exhaustive Network
Kaiser California Health Insurance
Kaiser Small Business Plans
Growth of Kaise

Kaiser’s Exhaustive Network
As is known to various, the management philosophy of Kaiser is not profit-making but to make sure customers stay healthy and free from illnesses. The focus is thus more on preventive health care and related support services. Kaiser believes not only in protective health care but also providing members nutrition, and exercise, in its pursuit to keep all members in robust health.

It is the privilege of the members to select her or his own doctor from Kaiser’s exhaustive network. You can extend a constructive rapport with your doctor and make the best health choices.

Kaiser California Health Insurance
Kaiser offers Individual and family health care policy with Co-payment/Deductible options. Likewise Kaiser offers small business policy through Co-payment/Deductible options. Those who wish to avoid a deductible payment plan often decide one of the co-payment plans. Kaiser California medical insurance as well offers HSA-qualified health insurance policies.

HSA-qualified deductible plans provide the members the choice of opening a health savings account at a financial institution of their choice. Money deposited into this account is set aside for medical cost and is tax-deductible from your federal taxes. This money savings totally belongs to you and it is an inheritable thing upon your demise.

Kaiser Small Business Plans
If you are a husband-wife duo in a combined business or self-employed, then you can avail both individual/family and small business plans. Depending on related factors, you can decide whether group or individual coverage offers you better profit. But please bear in mind that in California, medical underwriting is mandatory for individual health plans and those with pre-existing health situation can be denied health coverage.

To make the entire membership enrolment method user-friendly, information on all of our Kaiser health insurance plans is obtainable online. Once you click to view a certain plan, you will find the coverage particulars in an easy-to-read format. If you still have any questions about any of Kaiser Permanente policy, you can check out their FAQ page. Further, you can call on toll-free 1-877-752-4737 and one of Kaiser health care insurance specialists will meet you to offer private clarifications. Using Kaiser Permanente online services, you can get quotes, study their various health plans and also apply online.

Growth of Kaiser
Kaiser Permanente, headquartered in Oakland, CA, was founded by Henry J. Kaiser with Doctor Sidney R. Garfield in 1945. Since its inception, Kaiser Permanente has grown at a great pace and today has branches in nine states and the District of Colombia. It is applicable to note that Kaiser also offers coverage in Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, Washington D.C. and Virginia.

Whether you are an individual, family, or business group, Kaiser Permanente has low cost California state health insurance coverage especially tailored to meet your health check care needs. It is value reiterating that Kaiser CA health insurance plans offer affordability, adequate benefits, and trusted HMO managed healthcare.

By: helt